Ceramic bridges

Ceramic bridges

Ceramic bridge or dental implant?
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Single tooth implant vs dental bridge

Comparison of treatment methods


Your daily oral hygiene becomes easier

Each implant stands on its own, so cleaning is possible in the same way as with your own teeth. Dental bridges are cleaned with special dental flosses, which have to be threaded under the pontics in a complex process


Dental implants act like real teeth in contrast to a dental bridge

Our high expectations for an aesthetic appearance are met.


Stability and durability

Both dental bridge and implant are fixed and provide a solution for missing teeth. However, the dental bridge exerts increased pressure on the adjacent teeth, reducing their lifespan due to the tension exerted over a longer period of time.


No grinding of healthy teeth

With dental implants, there is no grinding of healthy teeth, so they are the better solution for sparing your own teeth.