Professional teeth cleaning

What does prophylaxis mean?

Professional teeth cleaning (oral hygiene)
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We recommend professional oral hygiene twice a year

Prophylaxis consists of two elements


The oral hygiene at home

Under the guidance of a specially trained prophylaxis assistant, you will learn and practice the use of dental floss, interdental brushes, tongue cleaner, etc.. - As well as the right brushing technique for you. This will enable you to clean your teeth effectively at home.


The professional teeth cleaning / oral hygiene

We thoroughly clean your teeth of hard (tartar) and soft (plaque) plaque using special sonic, hand and powder jet devices. We pay special attention to those areas that are difficult to reach with your home oral hygiene. Finally, all tooth surfaces are carefully polished.

Why and when?


To prevent caries and gum disease


As soon as a recession of the gums (periodontitis) is visible


To correct incorrect cleaning habits


To learn the optimal tooth brushing technique


Because healthy teeth make an important contribution to overall health (gingivitis can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and premature birth in pregnant women).


To surprise particularly anxious children with a positive experience at the dentist and to teach them that professional teeth cleaning is pleasant, tastes good and does not hurt


For patients undergoing orthodontic therapy (whether fixed or removable braces).


For patients with chronic general diseases (e.g. diabetes, rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases)


In case of bleeding gums and bad breath, as these are signs of gingivitis

How does oral hygiene work?